Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Where to from here

As it was in the days of Noah..........

In these days of uncertainty, rumours of wars, the people are going about eating and drinking, lusting and living licentiously as if all was well. In reality the world is on the edge of moral, social, economic and international calamity.  This is just as the Lord said would happen just before the days of ‘great tribulation’. I am not into prophetic scaremongering, but it is very obvious to those with open eyes, that the world is in great turmoil very much as the Lord Jesus Christ foretold.

The other sign of the age is what Peter identified  - the people will say “Where is the promise of His coming?”   How few obey the command of the Lord Jesus - “be watchful, for you know not the day nor the hour of His coming”

For the believer in the Lord Jesus Christ, the present world happenings direct us to obey the last two verses of Hebrews 12

“Since we are receiving a kingdom that cannot be destroyed, let us be thankful and please God by worshiping Him with holy fear and awe. For our God is a consuming fire.”

May I encourage all, to refocus life in  God, giving Him the best of our time, the attention of our mind, the praise of our lips, the adoration of our hearts, the trust of faith and our best love, begotten of the Holy Spirit.


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