Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Beginnings - purpose

Where did we come from?

Does it matter??  Yes it is important  - this gives us identity, purpose and hope – or it should.
If this world came into existence as an accidental explosion , developing over billions of years without the influence of any intelligence or design, how has it arrived at such a finely tuned earth. Scientists acknowledge how finely tuned earth is for life to exist. The amount of gravity, the composition of the atmosphere, the heat from the sun are all just right. The complexity of the DNA that controls all living things is astounding. The DNA checking mechanisms that prevents mutations is brilliant. Some scientists state ‘total entropy always increases and the process is irreversible.’ (Wikipedia) What is ‘entropy?’ – the measure of disorder (Wikipedia)

What am I saying? It is much easier to believe that the present world was designed, created and maintained in functioning order.

Consider a human, smarter than a computer, creative in so many ways, relational , more than a chemical collection,  etc.  Could it be that we are the result of random accidents and endless evolutions. This gives no sense of purpose other than to survive and no hope beyond animalistic sensual satisfaction.

The option

Is there someone out there who has a purpose for humanity? Is there a future worth striving for?  Is the universe improving or is it in a state of entropy (demise) from a well ordered beginning?
The Bible as a compass is unashamed to present God as that someone who designed, who created and who maintains the world in which we live. He planned humans to be like himself – intelligent, relational, creative, etc.  Most of all He intended humans to connect with Him. This is the sad record of Bible history – humanity so often chooses to be independent of this spirit being (God )  who was the architect  of it all. Yet the same historical record, tells of God interacting with many individuals through the many years.

Jesus Christ confirmed our origin “He who created them from the beginning made them male and female.” ( Matthew 19.4)
Peter confirmed God as a living , reliable creator – “let those who suffer according to God’s will, entrust their souls to a faithful Creator while doing good.”  (1Peter 4.19) Notice in this is consolation, purpose and hope.
Paul's letter to the Romans begins with a very sad outline of ‘entropy’  - humanity rejecting the creator and descending into idolatry, immorality and eventually death.

Praise God that He has interrupted the course of human history by sending His Son on a rescue mission.

By HIM _The Lord Jesus Christ – all can be reconciled to God!

Try reading the Bible as a history book  - you may be surprised how much it makes sense!

John McKee

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