Tuesday, January 16, 2018

A king who was a priest


This man in Bible history seems to come from nowhere and then disappear to nowhere.(Genesis 14). Yet in God’s accounting, quite a great man. What makes him significant?

1.   He is described as being like the Son of God (Hebrew 7.3)

2.    He is a priest. It is the greatest calling, the greatest occupation, the greatest privilege to interact intimately with God. Some of this involved presenting sacrifices to God, but also hearing God’s voice and knowing His will. As in the story of Genesis 14, he is able to invoke the blessing of God.

3.   He is a king. Each city seemed to have a king as leader. Yet Melchizedek is not involved in the conflicts of the region. He is more involved in leading the people to peace (Salem) with God, than conquering earth for dominion, glory or possessions.

4. He is great because in a simple way (bread and wine) he does a profound thing by blessing Abraham and blessing God.

5.  His priesthood stands eternal. Although Melchizedek doubtless died, the priesthood order was mentioned in Psalm 110 and declared eternal in God’s Son in Hebrews 7.

What can we learn from this ? This story is God giving a preview of the priestly appointment of Jesus at God’s right hand. And so it is that the Son of God interrupts our moments of distraction and stress, with a simple thing – Himself and a blessing from the Lord. Sometimes through the Bible, or a text, or maybe some believer who like Melchizedek, gives a word of consolation and comfort when needed most.

“Blessed be Abram by God Most High
Possessor of heaven and earth
And blessed be God Most High”
Genesis 14:19

“In all your ways acknowledge HIM and He will make straight your paths.”

Be blessed and a blessing


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