Wednesday, June 18, 2014

More than a compass

More than a compass

The Bible is a songbook, an atlas, a medicine book, a history book, a futures book, a doctrine book, and more, but above all it is spiritual food.
Peter, who was reared with the Old Testament read often in his hearing, encouraged the people to have an appetite for the ‘word of the Lord’. By regular feeding upon this pure spiritual milk, he said we would grow – grow in many ways. Grow in understanding, in wisdom, in the salvation that changes our inner self to become more like God’s own Son.

But better still, Peter writes that by the word of the Lord, we “come to Him” and we are enabled to offer spiritual sacrifices to God ( in contact with God !). This is our most noble occupation now and in the life to come.

This is my brief meditation this morning from 1  Peter 1:22  to 2:5. Read it and be encouraged to seek the Lord, to know the Lord, to feed, trust and worship the Lord.

John McKee

PS Two weeks ago I met a lady who said she was a Christian, but did not read the Bible because it had too many contradictions! I was dumbfounded. Tell me how can you be a Christian and refuse to read the Christian message??

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