Saturday, June 7, 2014


One of the most God exalting biographies of the Bible is the story of Joseph. Just to read Genesis chapter 39 to 48 , is most satisfying. It is to see how God turns a bad situation into a good outcome.

          Joseph had many reasons to become bitter and wayward, but two comments stand out:
Genesis 39.23 “Whatever he did, the Lord made it to succeed”
Genesis 41:38 “a man in whom is the Spirit of God”

And so the nation of Egypt is saved from disaster, and so the wayward sons of Jacob are brought to account, and so weary old Jacob finds rest in his submissive, sovereign son. This story  is compelling reading. Maybe you know it well - read it again. Maybe you don't know  this story - read it today.

The value of the story is manifold – I mention some  -First it confirms the historical nature of Genesis as being relevant to the real world in which we live. Second – it has great moral value for all people today. Thirdly – it is a beautiful illustration of God the Father moving in God the Son by God the Holy Spirit to bring about the salvation of those in desperate need (in need of food and those in need of forgiveness). It is an intriguing story of estrangement and reconciliation.

It demonstrates:
The sovereignty of God eg giving Joseph the dream of stars bowing before him. The under the providential scheme of God it happens so.
The all knowing of God (omniscient) bringing these sons of Jacob to account for their sins against Joseph and Jacob and God.
The forgiveness of God is expressed in Joseph – letting them go free after they are brought to repentance.
The grace of God is seen in the plan of providing a saviour for Egypt and Israel in the time of famine.

I will not recount the story – it is so easy to read and interpret  ---- read it again today.

If you do not have a Bible, email me today and I will see what can be done to provide one

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