Friday, June 20, 2014

Celebrating God' Goodness

Today I celebrate 49 years as a Christian. I celebrate God’s love, goodness, mercy and grace. He alone is worthy to be praised now and forever.
     Of the many things that could be said of the journey of 49 years, I would like to highlight the deep pleasure I have found in God’s word  - the Bible. From a child I was taught to respect it. At seven years, I could recite Psalm 23 and early I was given my own KJV Bible.
The assurance of forgiveness from God and peace with God, came through a Bible verse – Romans 10.9   “That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in thine heart that God hath raised Him from the dead , Thou shalt be saved.”

      For many years I listened to the Bible read at home, expounded and preached in Christian gatherings. I am so thankful for the appetite to read and search, given to me by the Holy Spirit.. At age 16 I left home to get employment in Sydney and my closest companion was my Bible – and the Lord revealed to me in the Holy Scriptures. In my spare time, I would spend hours with a Strong’s concordance pouring over the sacred pages. This was not just an introvert preoccupation – at 17 , with my brother , we purchased a printing press and began distributing Bible messages to the unbelievers around us.

      As life moved on, I constantly consulted God’s word for guidance – where to be, who to marry, how to live, what to preach etc. Perhaps more than anything I was endeared to the book by its constant unveiling of the Lord Jesus Christ in the Old Testament along with the New  Testament.  “to know HIM” was an ambition implanted in me  by the Apostle Paul as well as other preachers. This has been the most stabilizing and satisfying thing in  those 49 years.

       I  want to testify that God has been faithful in good times and bad times. A little plaque hanging on our bedroom wall has often given strength and hope:
          “Trust in the Lord,
          He faileth not 
         and forsaketh not His saints”

      Of all the disappointments of life, God is not a disappointment and His word is a sure rock for faith and living.

May God bless all  my readers with the same joy of “Knowing HIM”  Philippians 3.10

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