Sunday, February 20, 2022

Travelling around the Galilee


Travelling around the Galilee was and is beautiful. For Jesus it involved some problem people – critical people, demon possessed people, blaspheming people and surprisingly his own family.

He was not distracted from His mission. He chose twelve unlikely men to be His apostles. In chapter 4, He presents important teaching and we do well to pause and consider it.

Lesson 1: "If you have ears to hear,  listen and understand". How often people "like" a facebook post without reading it! That was His dilemma. Many did and do enjoy good Bible teaching, but it goes no deeper than the intellect. We need to hear and accept into a good and honest heart, the Word of God. This understanding produces change  such as the fruit of the Spirit.

Lesson 2: He rebuked believers for hiding the light of truth.

Lesson 3: He taught the true secret to knowing God –" Listen, understand, pay attention, be open to my teaching"

Lesson 4:  Another farmer parable that goes to show that it is not the flurry of our activity that achieves a crop. Rather the seed is sown and in God's time a harvest is ready.

Lesson 5: Such small things, as a mustard seed, in God' good design can become quite big and useful.

I was deeply blessed this morning by the incident upon the sea. A serious storm arose and the boat was rocking, ready to sink. He uttered a word – "peace, be still", and the extreme forces of nature obeyed His voice. We, with the disciples ask the important question – "Who is this man, that even the wind and waves obey Him?"

Let us ponder the answer and let it increase our faith in Him.


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