Friday, February 11, 2022

Bible reading and meditations.


I invite you to travel with me through the Gospel of Mark.

This Book in the New Testament is a brief biography of Jesus with particular focus on Him as active in serving God.

The first Adam was given a job to do – care for the garden of Eden – and he failed. Jesus, the last Adam, was given the task of rescuing  lost humanity – and He fulfilled His task which will be finalised soon.

At the beginning He is identified as the Christ, the Son of God.

His commission to serve God was in harmony with the Old Testament prophecies.

He showed His empathy with the people by being baptised by John (although He had  no sin to confess)

His personal worthiness is declared by a voice out of heaven.

He had total victory over the deceiver – Satan

His dominion over wild animals and angels was evident

At the time appropriate He goes public (after thirty years in obscurity).

The anointed Messiah calls others into training, and to assist Him.

His teaching is different – with authority

His rescue work means dispelling demons.

Sickness is dispelled.

A new day begins and Jesus is found alone praying with God in a quiet place .

Please read Mark chapter one again, and catch the beauty of God's servant moving in God's will to save a world of lost people. So far we notice He is teaching the people the truth about God and caring for their present needs. He does not seek to build another religious party, but moves on to other villages, to help more people that need the Lord.

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