Tuesday, March 17, 2020


Reviewing history
If you like nightmares, read history!  The history of mankind seems to be one long narrative of tragedy and suffering. The last 150 years is perhaps one of the worst records of human trauma, and there seems to be no end to disasters in sight.

Thinking people ask why?

Historians ask ‘why don’t we learn from history?’

Religious people ask ‘ where is God in all this?’

Forecasters ask ‘Is the world getting better or worse?’

Young people say ‘What’s the point of living?’

And so hopelessness sets in.

Is there an answer?  At school we are studying Genesis. In these pages we are finding the fundamental causes.- Listening to the wrong voice!  Blaming others instead of accepting responsibility , envy that ends in murder, rejection of God and His ways – finally ending in global disaster!   Well nothing much is new today!

Next blog – there is an answer!

John McKee

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