Monday, March 30, 2020


Droughts, bushfires, viruses, recession – life has become fearful.

Does God care?  Yes He does care, and for those who seek Him in prayer, who trust Him in faith, the fear is changed to trust.

The more important question is – do we care about God?
      How much time do we spend listening to God?
      How much of our heart affection is for God?
      What do we do when tempted to do evil – go God’s way?
      Is it true that we love him? and obey Him?

He showed His love to us by sending His Son Jesus to call us back to God. He shows us His love today by hearing our humble cry and giving us better than we deserve. 

Sometimes the difficulties of life are helpful in turning our attention back to the Lord our God. We are inclined to pride, selfish indulgence and independence. Going our own way only leads down. How can we blame God for not caring if we have chosen to live without Him?

Today the Lord Jesus is still calling, “ Come to me you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, I will give you rest.” Take time to read this yourself in the Bible – Matthew 11.28

He came from heaven to save you, He died to purchase your forgiveness with God, He lives today to keep you unto the days of eternity.

Do you fear the future or do you have faith in the Lord who is in charge of the future?

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