Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Jesus the King

The glories of our Lord

His glories are many. As I outline some, may you be inspired to search the Bible for more.

Matthew (1st book of the New Testament) introduces the glory of the King. He presents the family rights of Jesus as the ‘son of David, the right to sit upon the throne of Israel as promised to David one thousand years before. God kept the line of heirs intact and now the wise men come seeking the ‘King of the Jews’.

Some of His moral glory shines in this – Jesus knew He was destined to sit on David’s throne, but instead of grasping for that recognition, He waits for the appointed time, He submits to the path of the Father’s choice, He let’s scripture be fulfilled – both in terms of suffering and ascendancy.

The record of Matthew would appear, to human reasoning, as a record of failure – the king wearing a crown of thorns! The king of the Jews dead at 33 years! The warriors of the King hiding in fear and Satan’s grip establish over Jew and Gentile.
Herein lies the unusual glory of God –
out of defeat He makes victory,
out of poverty He makes riches,
out of weakness He makes strength, 
out of darkness He makes light,
Out of nothing He makes everything!

The resurrection of Jesus, is just the beginning of many new glories. Matthew’s biography of the king does not finish in defeat. The real story is just beginning – the king ‘lives forever’, the king is exalted by God to ultimate authority, in a dominion greater than Israel, His subjects number millions beyond the Jews and His glories are seen, not only in Himself, but also in the multitudes who follow Him.
The King gave a promise – “ you shall see the Son of Man coming in the clouds of heaven with power and great glory”  Matthew 24:30

‘even so come Lord Jesus’


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