Sunday, June 25, 2017

Strength for the Christian life

Philippians chapter 2 verse 1

Let me draw you into the precious Christian blessings mentioned in this Bible verse . Different translations use differing words, but the blessing is the same.

“Consolation in Christ” -  to find the answers to life and eternity in the once crucified and now risen Lord Jesus Christ. The big questions of our standing before God, the small questions of serving  Him each day. The exhortations from the Lord makes life worthwhile and comes from the Lord at God’s right hand!

“Comfort of love”  -  Since God has loved us, we find the extreme loneliness and alienation as part of the fallen human race, has been overcome.  God loves us in spite of our unworthiness and this enables us to love others. These ‘bonds of love ‘ surpass liking people – rather love (agape) that loves when all else fails.

“Participation in the Spirit”   -  The wonder of God’s unmerited favour, that we can participate in the instruction by the Holy Spirit. And so much more – to be led by the Spirit, comforted by the Holy Spirit, gifted by the Holy Spirit, used as channels of blessing by the Holy Spirit. What a distinctive blessing to those walking with the Lord.
“Affection”   -  By contrast to the world which is given over to criticism, blame and dissent for those different . God’s people were originally honoured as people of affection. Practical affection for one another was a reflection of The Father’s affection for His children. Christians from very different backgrounds were named “brethren” – members in the family of God.

“Sympathy”   --   God is not a bystander or some distant critic when problems set in. He steps into the situation with care  to lift the fallen, to heal the battered, to console the broken hearted, to comfort the disappointed   -   and so should we.

Read Philippians 2   today and  discover these beautiful  things in the life of the Lord Jesus.


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