Saturday, June 10, 2017

God's Love

God’s love is so much more than words spoken. 

It is a modern idea that we should say to each other ‘I love you’. The Bible concept of love is that it motivates one to do something, to give, to sacrifice, to work for the ultimate good of the person loved. God did not send the Lord Jesus into the world to tell us He loved us.  Rather He gave His Son to show us that He loved us. The coming of the Lord from heaven was not to make us feel good, it was rather to save us and make us good.

It is an interesting study to consider the occasions that the Lord Jesus talked about love.  He called upon the disciples to love God, to love one another , to love their enemies.

John’s Gospel highlights God’s love :- God’s love for the world, the Fathers love for the Son, Jesus love for His own disciples  and God’s love for those who obey Him.

Some say that Gods love is unconditional – this is an ambiguous and only half the truth. Love is much more than an emotion or feeling. It is a powerful motive that sets in motion action for the good of another. It works to achieve a mutual relationship of oneness in holiness. Love is the inner spring to mercy and grace. It is here, in the word ‘grace’ that  the blessings of God are given to the unworthy and undeserving. Grace is God’s love reaching out to us in spite of sin and rebellion. (Please note – God does not accept us as we are. He only accepts us because Christ died for us, and our faith in HIM gives us a new place in God’s family as ‘accepted in the Loved One’)

The apostle John develops the theme of love in his letters. God’s gracious love has been poured upon us, and that love should be abiding in us so that we love , not in word, but in deeds of mercy and grace.

The apostle Paul expounds the character and activity of God’s love. Love is kind, love is patient etc.  God’s love accounts for sin, and does something about it – Christ died for us.  Paul states more than any other writer , that the overflow of God’s love to us and in us by the Holy Spirit should flow out to others in mercy, forgiveness and grace.

I would encourage all my readers to use a concordance to study the many occurrences of the ‘love of God’ in the Bible.

If anyone would like me to back up my statements with Bible verses, I would be happy so to do :- email me at 

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