Saturday, January 21, 2017

What does the future hold?


My present meditations on the book of Revelation are focused on the principles involved.
The book is primarily about Jesus Christ
The judgements on earth are executed by Him
The end result is sure
The destination is the glory of God and the Lamb

This so relevant for us today to see the working of God in the world and prophecy as to the future.

Scientists forecast happenings for the next 50-100 years.
Politicians rise promising great things and then they are gone.
Medical care is wonderful for those who can afford it.
Weather patterns are changing with significant effects.
Alliances between countries are changing.
War machines are becoming more destructive.

2017 is a year of great uncertainty!

Is there hope for the future??
Let us ponder a book that has endured the ages:
So much of Revelation is actually a reflection of the Old Testament. (Not so much saying something new, as restating what God revealed centuries before )

Chapter 1   God describes Himself as “I am.....” This is the assurance that the God who revealed Himself to Moses is alive and well, and ready to execute the judgements of His holiness as He did in Egypt.

Chapter 4  -  “You created all things”  This is a restatement Genesis 1 where God spoke and all things came into being, and He alone has authority over it.

Chapter 5  “Worthy is the Lamb”  This new song is a reflection of Isaiah 52/53  where the one led as a lamb to the slaughter becomes the one high and lifted up. He is the executor of God’s wrath and judgements.

So this book of Revelation insists that the future is in the hand of God and of the Lamb.

Revelation 11:17 puts it so well:
“We give thanks to you, Lord God almighty
Who is, and who was,
For you have taken your great power and begun to reign.”
This answer to the Lord’s prayer (Matthew 6) and Psalm 2, gives the future a clearer perspective. The present opportunity for humanity to turn from rebellion and turn to God will end. The righteous judgements against wickedness will be implemented .  God through the Lamb (Jesus Christ), will reinstate justice, righteousness, with true honour to whom it is due.

Today is the day of reconciliation:-

Isaiah 1 “ Come now and let us reason together say the Lord”

Revelation 22 “the Spirit and the bride say ‘come’, and let the one who hears say ‘come’. And let the one who is thirsty come; let the one who desires, take of the water of life without price.”

Psalm 2 “Blessed are all those who put their trust in HIM.”

May you read through the last book of the bible and receive the blessing promised for doing so. A glimpse of HIS glory is worth it all!

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