Friday, January 13, 2017


The Judgements foretold in the book  of Revelation.

These judgements seem horrendous – and they are. Much the same as the judgements of God against the inhabitants of Canaan (in the Old Testament), seemed unduly severe. What do I make of this? Is it out of keeping with the character of God?     .......No.  It is the perspective that is faulty. ( I , having grown up in the modern and post modern era, have seen the destructive influence of atheism on the thinking of society – where the liberty of grace is abused as licence, yea rights for godless misbehaviour and idolatry. e.g. almost no one raises their voice against fornication.)

 The book of revelation restates the perspective of heaven.

1.       God is holy

2.       That God revealed in Jesus Christ was not incidental, but central to God relating to humanity. ( To reject HIM is so offensive to the Great Creator)

3.     God  revealed in the Lamb, will have the last say and accomplish final victory. (Where all who have chosen the way of the evil one will be destroyed as he will be)

How important to be sealed as one of His own sheep, so that no matter what comes, we can trust the great Shepherd who will guide to springs of living water and wipe away every tear. (Revelation 7.17)

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