Friday, October 28, 2016

The Ancient book

Is the Bible relevant to everyday living? Or is it just a Sunday service book? Or a book for religion? Or a book only for pastors and clergy?

 My answer in brief is – Yes, it is very relevant for the everyday living of everyone.

There are many reasons to read, study and meditate on the Bible. For example, it is prime reading for lawmakers, judges and lawyers. My High School teacher recommended it as a text of quality English! It contains unique poetry and prose along with stories vivid and exciting enough for any child or adult. For those into health considerations, it has so many directives – especially cleanliness and sanitation (two of the world’s greatest problems). As to social order, it is second to none in giving direction as to justice, harmony and peace. For historians, it is a gold mine.

No wonder it is still the world’s best seller!

Pardon me for using my personal experience to illustrate the point of relevance.:
It gives purpose, motivation and direction in life. Do I raise my children for my selfish or their selfish purposes- no . The scriptures call to a more noble purpose, to honour the Lord. In marriage the Bible directs me away from my natural instinct of passive aggression, to love like Christ loved, even when I don’t feel like it. The stresses and temptations of operating a business are many, but he Bible guides me away from dishonesty and greed. How shall I relate to other people?- promoting myself as the source of all knowledge and authority? Well that is natural enough, but the word and example of the Lord changes that to meekness and humility like the Lord Himself. He even challenges me to love my enemies.

The wonder of the Bible (compared with others), is that it is ever fresh with words of illumination, hope and encouragement. After 50 years of reading it, it  is not dull or boring but alive with renewing light.

Beyond and above all the present practical relevance, it brightly shines with spiritual light concerning Jesus Christ the Lord. To know Him, to yield to Him, to worship and serve Him gives life its true meaning.
This unique book is largely sought after as the media by which God speaks to people. As history it records God speaking to individuals and to the nations. The final focus is of God speaking to the whole world through the appearance of His Son, Jesus Christ. The words of the Lord Jesus along with His actions remain today the greatest communication humanity has ever received. Many are offended by the words of the Lord Jesus, but millions read and reread His words for the intense blessing they give to every circumstance in every nation and in every age.

The teaching of the Apostles, enhance the Christian dialogue. How unusual, yet how real is the experience that by reading this ancient book, we can again hear the word  ‘from my Lord’!  It is the Holy Spirit that makes these words so relevant  and precious to so many people across the world.

If you do not have a Bible to read, send me an email as I have some spares to give away.

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