Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Unusual question

What is God’s favourite colour?  

Answer -  I really don’t know.

       But as I look out my window, I see the golden glow of the rising sun, the light blue of the sky, the varying greens of the trees and the odd appearance of brown earth. A little bird flys by with red on its chest and patterns of white feathers in its tail. Another is smooth grey with a black head.. The I rise up and glance at the flowers. I am awestruck at the brilliant yellows, the deep crimson red of another and the pure white of the lily.
        I conclude that the one who wrote the DNA code that produces these varied, beautiful colours, is both extremely intelligent, wise, creative and caring. Take time out today to wonder at the brilliant colours of God’s creation. Let the light itself show you His handiwork, and then remember that light itself is made up of blended colours. And then think of your eye with the ability to see these varying colours, a brain to interpret the mix of electrical impulses from the eye and then a mouth to say “Praise the Lord”.

         What does the Bible say about God and colours?  One instance  stands out – the tabernacle building erected by the Israelites was to have these major colours – on a base of pure white, they were to use needlework of blue, purple and scarlet red. The gate , the door and the veil were to be distinct by these colours. Did they mean anything? Yes .              They were colour pictures of Jesus, the way into God’s presence. Blue tells us that He is the Lord from heaven , purple tells us that He is God’s appointed King, Red tells us of the pure and holy man who gave his life to save the people who come to God through Him. What a colourful way to illustrate how we can come to God. Jesus said “ I am the way , the truth and the life, no one comes to the Father except by Me” John 14.6

One wrote a beautiful hymn ( You might like to listen to it on ‘youtube’)
        ‘The wonder of sunset at evening
           The wonder of sunrise I see
        But the wonder of wonders that thrills my soul

            Is the wonder that God loves me’

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