Saturday, January 30, 2016

Listening to God

Numbers 7:89

       God spoke to Moses at a regular meeting place – a voice from between the two cherubim, which was above the mercy seat, the place of atonement.
             Whatever could that mean for us in 2016?  It is true today that God’s voice is clear and distinct at the mercy seat ( not in temples made with hands). We as believers in the Lord Jesus Christ, are invited to come to the throne of grace, to obtain mercy (we understand our need of mercy) and grace to help in time of need. God seldom communicates to the arrogant, the demanding or the proud. He responds to those who feel their need of Him.
   Try reading Matthew chapter five and listen for His voice.

   Then read Hebrews  4: 14 – 16

May I encourage you to seek the Lord, on your knees, regularly in a place of quiet . God still speaks to those who take the time to listen..

J McKee 

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