Thursday, November 5, 2015

Peter's reminders


       How we need reminders. The forgetfulness of our minds. The distractions of life around us. The sicknesses of our bodies. The overload of information. We need to remember the things that matter most.
In 2 Peter 1 , Peter reminds us of the great and precious promises that God has given to lead us into true Christian maturity. He also reminds us of the reliability of the Holy Scriptures.

      Chapter 2 is a reminder that we still live in a fallen world with deception and deceivers still abundant.
      Lastly the Apostle Peter would remind us of the sure hope of the coming again of the Lord Jesus Christ. He bases the assurance of this hope, on both the holy prophets ( I suggest the Old Testament) and the teaching of the Lord through His apostles (including the Gospels).

The past interruption of God (Genesis 6) is evidence that God can and will judge the world again.  For the believer,  the hope of eternal life includes  participation in a new heaven and a new earth. This brings into our lives holy living and peace.

       My observation of the last 30 years has been the subtle change from this long range view to the short range view. In the world of politics, the world of business , the social world, the religious world, so much is just concerned for the present. God always works in the long range view and so Peter would REMIND us to do the same.

     May I remind all readers of the promise, long range promise of the Good Shepherd for all who choose to trust His care

“I give unto them eternal life, and they shall never perish”   John 10

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