Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Truth that can be trusted

2 Peter 1

      The wisdom of God is explicit in the bringing together of the Holy Scriptures. Peter says “we did not follow cleverly devised myths”

      One feature of God’s inspiration is that He uses multiple presenters. Most world religions and cults are based on the teachings of one man or one woman. This leaves the door open to human ingenuity or demonic deception. God seems to have deliberately used many prophets and many ways to communicate His truth. When the Son of God appeared, who spoke the words of God, He repeatedly connected with the witness and authority of the Old Testament. He truely could say “ but I say.....”, yet over and again He would link His teaching and actions with the former inspiration of the Old Testament.

   Then when it came to the writing of the New Testament, He committed that to His apostles. They were eyewitness, with years of experience to test this new revelation. The story of Jesus in the days of His flesh is told by four different men and the variety yet similarity gives verification of the authenticity of these records.
I recently bought an Aramaic New Testament. This is a significant book as it come through history independent of the Roman Catholic church, rather through the Eastern orthodox church. The two are so similar, once again verifying the wisdom of God in bringing to us the ‘Holy Scriptures’ that can be trusted as the final revelation of God in Christ.

      We ought not to worship the book ( as do some religions), but treasure it as the unveiling of the true God revealed fully in the Lord Jesus Christ. Let us read and study, so that we can more intelligently love and worship HIM.

How much time do you spend each day waiting on God to speak to you from His precious book? ( compare that to the time spent absorbing other media!)

John McKee 

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