Saturday, July 26, 2014

True humility- Philippians 2

The call of Philippians chapter 2 is much deeper than most imagine. The humility of the Lord Jesus is often explained with great feeling – He was so great becoming so low.

      But what about us, since this is presented as an example for us.
From children we cling to things that make us more and more significant  -- our family, our school, our education, our job, our business, our marriage  etc and thus is build our self esteem with our reputation and identity. We could add to the list our spiritual status   --  children of God, called to represent the King, proclaiming the greatest message ever told, changing other peoples lives for good. It could all build reason for the believer in Jesus Christ to be confident and assertive.

       The Lord Jesus leads a different way. He was inherently greater than we could ever be  - the unique Son of God. His mission to rescue others might have been approached from the vantage point of a ruling king.  Rather He steps down to serve.  The form in which he served was not like that of an angel (who are ministering, serving spirits), but rather He stooped lower than angels to the form of a man. Thus He voluntarily lived within ( most of the time) the laws of nature ( as we know them) and the confines of time. For special reasons He did break free from these limitations occasionally.
    The most significant step was his submission to the will of God, even to the going to the cross.  For the SON there never was a conflict with the Father’s will, but this deliberate step indicates the surrender of His ‘decisions, desires, deliberations’ to the will of another. This is the real meaning of humility in the Bible ( see 1 Peter 5). He could truely say
 “ Not my will but thine be done”

How do we relate to this in our lives?
   Willing to surrender our will, our opinions, our wisdom......?
    Willing to be seen as much lower than we are?
      Willing to lose our status in creation order?
        Willing to be busy doing that which seems to destroy us?
          Willing to be for others instead of self.
            Willing not to promote ourselves, but leave promotion and recognition in the hand of God?

How many have said  ‘ I want to be like Jesus’
 How few are willing to be like Jesus – are you, am I  ?????

Please take the time to read again Philippians chapter 2 and see if my thoughts are true in the life of the Lord and also seen in the lives of others mentioned in the chapter.  comments welcome and followers can fill in email at bottom of the page

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