Sunday, July 6, 2014

1 Peter - Theme of a suffering Saviour

The Sufferings of the Messiah

1 Peter
Chapter 1.2 The "sprinkling of the blood of Christ" is figurative language, based on the Old Testament sacrifices, to indicate that the death of the Lord Jesus was and is able to obtain our forgiveness and acceptance with God. Sin which offends God so much, can indeed be removed.

1.11 "the sufferings of Christ" foretold in the prophets. This is an important authority and explanation for what happened when Jesus died. See Isaiah 53 for an example.

1.18,19  "Redeemed____ by the precious blood of Christ" This reflection on Exodus 12, the Passover lamb, is an outstanding statement by the Apostle of what was achieved at the cross. Setting people free from slavery. Buying people back to God.

2.21 "Christ also suffered...leaving you an example".  This is a challenging example of how we should react when persecuted, just like the Lord.

2.24 "bore our sins in His own body on the tree"  He had no sins of His own, and was not obliged to do anything for us, but He willingly took our sins, to set us free.

3.18"Christ also suffered once for sins. the righteous for the unrighteous, that he might bring us to God".This is a clear statement of  Jesus Christ suffering as a substitute for the sins of the guilty. For those who understand the judgement sin deserves, this is news of great relief. His one sacrifice is sufficient for all time and all people.

4.1 "Christ suffered in the flesh".  As He , in the days of His  flesh, did not take the easy path, or the path of human passion, so likewise  we can be delivered from wasted lives by choosing the same.

5.1 "a witness of the sufferings of Christ".  For Peter, to remember what he saw at the cross, seriously affected his reactions to the command of the Master "Feed my lambs" "feed my sheep"  Peter now as a shepherd, encourages others to  shepherd God's sheep in light of the sufferings of Christ.

This theme deserves much meditation.  I observe many Christians who only think of the cross once a year. How much they are missing of the blessing of knowing the overflowing value knowing the sufferings of the Christ.

Perhaps my reader has never found the joy of forgiveness from God through the sufferings of Jesus the Christ. Today  take time to read Isaiah 53,  and see how God, who knows we are like wandering sheep, chooses to bring us back to Himself through the sufferings of His perfect servant Jesus Christ. Faith in Him will bring to reality the promise of justification and eternal life.

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