Saturday, March 30, 2013

The law of Moses

     The Old Testament book of Malachi has this interesting ending ' remember the law of my servant Moses'.     1000 years have passed since  Moses delivered the 10 commandments and the many other laws, to the people of Israel.
       What shall we say about this law today, 2,400 years after Malachi wrote.  This question has puzzled many, divided theological doctrine, been misused to control people , and alternatively by many disregarded as impossible.  Shall I tackle the subject  ??  -  yes  - not wanting to stir controversy, but it is so important, I shall briefly present my understanding of the relevance of Moses law today.

    We need to look at Moses and the law
                     -  Jesus and the law.
                            - the Gospels and the law
                                  -the epistles and the law

   Some say it is all for us.  Some seek to find sanctification thereby.  Some pick out parts to suit their agenda. Many toss it aside as irrelevant.

"The law was given by Moses, but grace and truth came by Jesus Christ"     John 1:17

  This significant and strategic verse identifies a difference, yet not one eliminating either. Set in its context, John the apostle is showing the basis of God's reconciling the lost to Himself.

More next time

J  McKee

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