Thursday, March 28, 2013

Meditations on Malachi

This last book of the Old Testament is rather a sad story ( the Bible is rather good at telling things as they really are ).  Centuries before Moses had given the people of Israel the law with its potential for great blessing.  They  by disobedience to that law, incurred the curse of God and in various ways were punished .  Sometimes they were restored to God. Their time in Babylon for 70 years brought about something of  repentance and revival so that those who returned to Jerusalem were able to rebuild the city and the temple for the worship of God.

    Sadly after some years, the fervour faded and the people became more interested in their own things than God's .  Here Malachi steps up to sound the alarm trumpet.

    The introduction is interesting  -- a statement of God's love
                "I have loved you"
Again in 3:6 - the unchanging character of God is the haven of safety for those who will return to Him.

      How good it is to hope in God, even though we like sheep wander. He calls us back to Himself.

     The tragedy of Malachi's writing is the repeated questions which reveal both ignorance and rebellion. It is true of our day , 2013,  that so many are growing up in total ignorance of true standards, good values and God's words. Their conscience is so seared and twisted that they live without or  rather against God  and  when something goes wrong they blame God.  Nothing new?  the Jews of Malachi's day questioned and rebelled against God.

          Midst these depressing conditions, the prophet ignites the candle of hope  -  the Lord (Messiah) would come!
Chapter 3.1   The Lord appears after John the Baptist. He comes to fulfil the promise of salvation.
 Chapter 4.1  He is yet to come again to remove the dross and establish victory in righteousness.

       Even so come Lord Jesus

John McKee

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