Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Who is this man ?

 The Word
       As the Word, He is the final and full revelation and communication of the Father. Moses mediated God's communication by "thus says the Lord".  Jesus is God's communication in the flesh. Something like Alpha and Omega of the alphabet. In Him dwells all the fullness of wisdom and knowledge.

The Son
      The Old Testament mentions 'sons of God'. The New Testament speaks much about 'sons of God'. This gospel of John along with the writing of Paul, identify Jesus as being unique and alone in His sonship.   He alone proceeded forth from the Father. In eternity He was with the Father, He came into the world and has now returned to the Father.
Jesus is never called a child of God - that would have implied a beginning.  As the Son, He is the vital expression of the character of God ( not by adoption as with us), but He by being Himself expressed the heart of God in purpose and compassion etc.
       His word's were God's words. His actions were God's actions.  Being the Son brings to the fore, a relationship with God unknown before.  This is the glory that convinced John the apostle of His Sonship. His link with the Father was unclouded, intimate, effective and  publicly declared.
  Sadly, those he came to, did not receive Him. But to those who did and do receive Him, He extends the relationship to include such in the family of God (John1.12)

This of course is the subject of John's Gospel
-----rejoice in Him as you read
Who is this man ?    well, I could continue for a long  time  -  call again for more!

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