Thursday, January 10, 2013

Faith working through Love

Faith may seem an inactive mental assent to facts or maybe go beyond fact, to believe the unprovable,  but in reality, real faith generates action.
              I worked with a man who had great faith in a new Prime Minister who had been elected to power in Australia. Previously he was known for laziness, but once  'his man was in', he rose up and worked harder than everyone else!

              So it is with the true believer in the Lord Jesus Christ. Faith in Him motivates believers to 'be......' and to 'do........'  -  not on the demands of any law or system, but because of His love.  His love to us , begets  His love in us and His love is us is not cold or self centred. Just like God's love, it seeks the best and eternal good of others.
           The natural person ( flesh ), is self seeking and finds law keeping and rituals, self promoting.

Love gives, love sacrifices, love rejoices for and in others, love sees beyond the present to the future  etc...

John McKee   meditations from Galations

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