Friday, March 25, 2022

Travelling to Jerusalem

 The journey with the Lord is making me nervous.(Mark 10). Where do I fit into this crowd of people. The Lord Jesus does not have much space for sideline critics or half hearted followers. We were hoping that He might use some of His mighty power to subdue the enemies, but instead He is talking about being killed. The trip to Jerusalem for the Passover was meant to be joyful, but everyone has become fearful that something dreadful might happen. 

The good things that happened were :- He took time out to receive and bless the children. Then as they were leaving Jericho, He stopped to heal blind Bartimaeus. 

At times I like to be near the twelve apostles as they have much to learn:

 Learning that the Lord's teaching supersedes that of Moses (Mark 10:11)

 Learning that great wealth is an obstacle to entering the kingdom (10:24) 

Learning that God will reward true commitment to Him (10:30)

 Learning that religious leaders seldom can be trusted (10:33) 

Learning that leadership is achieved by service (10:44) Learning that His impending death was deliberate , to die as a ransom payment for others.

 Chapter 11 begins well – for next time.

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