Wednesday, December 11, 2019


The dangers of freedom

In Australia we have freedom to travel. Generally it is safe to travel anywhere across this vast land. Yes safe from bandits, safe from molesters, safe from extortion and corruption. However this freedom has put many into trouble. For example –many tourists come to Australia, hire a car or campervan and set out to travel from Brisbane to Adelaide. So they choose to go via Birdsville and Innamincka to see the outback. Out in these ‘safe’ places they go, unprepared for the inevitable difficulties of heat, desert, mechanical failure etc. My children have assisted several of these unprepared freedom seekers.

What is my point? Freedom without guidance is dangerous. Freedom to travel needs a guide. Freedom of religion needs a guide. Freedom of business enterprise needs a guide, freedom of speech needs a guide, freedom of education needs a guide, freedom to choose a marriage partner needs a guide!

As I teach citizenship lessons, this point becomes clear  -  --   on our own , freedom can lead to disaster. Recently heard of refugee men in Australia, leaving their wives and children to enjoy ‘freedom’. Alongside freedom goes responsibility!

So who is the trustworthy guide?  In so many situations, this is indeed the difficulty. Government representatives have limited capacity. If I was intending to cross Australia , I would seek the help of someone who had survived such a journey themselves.  If I was choosing a religion, I would talk to someone who understood by study and experience religion. Someone who was intelligent about various beliefs and the outcomes of such. ( Jesus said – “wisdom is justified by her children)

In conclusion of this section I say – “freedom is great, but freedom without God is dangerous”

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