Sunday, September 22, 2019

Bible reading

The response of humans.

I sense the frustration in the life of the Lord Jesus. On one count the people were enthusiastic to hear Him teach – He spoke as one with authority.  But when He did speak truth, the same people began to dissent and disagree.  They enjoyed seeing His miracles, yet when He suggested they were the evidence of His deity, they were willing to stone Him.

I am blessed to meet many people , young and old, who are enthusiastic about having a Bible, but commitment to reading it is another thing. I am aware that it is a large , daunting book with many things hard to be understood, but oh the joy of hearing God speak through its pages when we wait upon Him to make it living to us.

The written Word unveils the Living Word.

Have you read it today?

Maybe some of you would like to share with me, something of what you have recently enjoyed in the holy scriptures.

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