Saturday, September 15, 2018

Mark 12

Mark 12

In chapter 11, the Lord has presented Himself to Israel at the right time   (Daniel 9),   in the right place (Jerusalem),   in the right manner ( on a donkey).
A crowd rightly received Him, but the leaders of the Jews rejected Him saying ‘Who is this’. Likewise they rejected His forerunner  - John the baptiser.

Mark 12:
1   By a  parable He identifies Himself as the “Son”.

2   In answer to the tax question, He presents scriptural wisdom.

3    Responding about the resurrection – He unveils His intimate knowledge of heaven.

4   The response to the question of the scribe, brings to the fore His full knowledge of the Old Testament scripture  and the ultimate meaning of life.

5   By quoting Psalm 110, He claims to be greater than king David, yet heir to David’s throne , yea rather a greater throne. King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

I recommend you read this chapter through and see the objective teaching of the glory of the Lord.

John McKee

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