Thursday, November 9, 2017

Living with God

Living with God

The Christian life could be summarized in three words

“I believe God”

The Apostle Paul uttered those profound words when life seemed at its lowest. Yet it was by faith that not only he survived,  but also the two hundred and seventy six people with him. They had other plans, but Paul’s choice to go God’s way prevailed and no one was lost in the shipwreck. (Acts 27)

So it is for us. Beginning with God is important, but living with God is also important.

Faith accepts that God is real, that God has revealed Himself, and that He has revealed His ways for us. Faith believes that God is personal and interacts with people. Faith claims the promises of God as meaningful and powerful in ones’ life. Faith endures beyond the natural to know and trust the one who is invisible and wise.

This is why reading God’s word, the Bible, and prayer are important – hearing God’s promises and communicating to  God our dependence on Him.  - questions welcome

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