Sunday, September 3, 2017

Your point of reference

A Reference point

The ancient sailors used the stars as their reference point to guide them on their journeys. Our journey of life has a reference point. It directs how we live, why we do things, what gives fulfilment in life  and determines the final destination of our life’s journey. It also gives us identity.

“What is your reference point?”

A lost reference point can frequently be seen in history, summed up by this saying –“Every man did that which was right in his own eyes”
Does that sound familiar in our world today?

Some have referenced life on Darwin’s theory of evolution – survival of the fittest – and thus in the 1940’s, thousands of disabled people were exterminated. Yet others used communism as the reference point and millions of academics and religious people were eliminated. All governments have a reference point – some in Islam, some in Marxism, some in Christianity, some in monarchy, some in capitalism  etc.

The modern reference point of the western world is,  “ if it feels good do it” and thus the selfish, self focused  mind, works, votes, acquires, defends only short term self interest.

Is there a better way?
Yes  - having a reference point outside of our self, from the hand of our creator. God has revealed the “user’s manual” – the Bible.

Are we prepared to let God speak?  Or do we pick and choose the Bible verses that make us “feel good”?  Do we let the Bible rebuke us, correct us, lead us, encourage us? Do we accept it as God by His Spirit speaking to us or is it too inconvenient for the Bible to be our reference point?
The Lord Jesus said of some religious people
“ You have not the word of God abiding in you!”  They were LOST.

Some object that the Bible is not relevant and out of date. Is God the creator without understanding of what is BEST for His creatures? No – It speaks very clearly about our condition before God, about marriage, about loving our neighbours, about teaching young people, about greed, about life after death, about the real meaning of life,  about social responsibilities  etc etc.

If God and His word (the Bible), are refused as the ultimate reference point, then we are lost, wandering in the quagmire of self destruction.
Today is our day of opportunity to return to the Lord (as individuals and communities and nations).  God has spoken, and through His Son Jesus Christ, righteousness can prevail for the good of all. The promise is to all who have ears to hear:
“Whoever will call upon the Lord will be saved”  Romans 10:13

Let us today pause to consider the reference point that controls our thinking, directs our decisions, shapes our attitudes, determines our eternal destiny!

How privileged we are to be able to read the Bible in our own language.  If you do not have one and would like to read it, send a request for one today.

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