Tuesday, May 16, 2017

The Cure

The one who spells out the sinfulness of sin is the same one who has the cure for the problem. A person who chooses to compromise, lowering the standard or ignoring sin is neither just nor gracious. God is both just and gracious!

The same God who implemented the 10 commandments , gave details for many sacrifices to deal with the problem of sin. This same God who called for ultimate love and devotedness, inspired love by loving. The song writers of the Bible understood this :- “His mercies are new every morning”.

The teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ likewise unmasked sin in the heart. His call to repent (turning away from sin, owning up to it) and believe the Gospel (that He could forgive and save) was merciful indeed.
Instead of asking the people to keep the commandments, He issues the great invitation :-
               “Come unto Me all you who labour and carry heavy burdens, and I                will  give you rest...................” Matthew 11.28
  The cure to the human problem is found in this person – the Son of God, our Lord Jesus Christ.  Not so much following His directions, but firstly coming to Him, believing Him for who He claimed to be, trusting Him for forgiveness and salvation from hell by His death on the cross and committing to Him as a disciple yoked to Him for life.

Dear reader if you have never been to this point of conversion, stop now and listen to His voice calling you. By the Holy Spirit you can turn from self and sin, and to call Him “Lord”. Call on Him today and you will be saved.

This is where we can find release from the guilt of sin, where the burdens of law keeping are lifted, where the yoke with Him brings liberty, purpose of relationship, love, joy and peace.

Note :-  Association with Him brings persecution, no promise of prosperity or great things in this life. But it does have the promise of eternal life which is far better.

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