Wednesday, March 8, 2017

The Son of God

“Are you the Christ, the Son of the Blessed?”   Mark 14:61

This question defined a most significant moment in history. Jesus had lived among the people for 33 years. The Jewish leaders had observed and criticised Him. The Roman oppressors had noticed Him but considered Him no threat. The people were delighted with His miracles, but few committed themselves to His discipleship. His teaching embarrassed the leadership and at this point in history they had assembled to deal with Him once and for all.

The Sanhedrin court was the highest religious court and Pilate the national representative of the Romans. In the court proceedings, the call for witnesses failed, so the High Priest asked this very demanding question : “are you the Christ, the Son of the Blessed?”

The ‘Christ’ was the anointed one foretold in the Old Testament as the Saviour of Israel and the Saviour of the world. Psalm 2 indicated that He would be the ‘Son of God’. This was a very telling question, since Moses commanded that all false prophets should be put to death. Previously, the Lord Jesus had somewhat concealed His identity, but at this moment , in this court, with abundant witnesses present  He declares with clarity  “I am”.     He knew the consequences of a guilty verdict, but instead of hiding His identity He openly claims to be the Christ , the Son of God. Also He adds His claim to be the ‘Son of man’ described in Daniel 7 as the one with direct access to the throne of God, who would become the ruler of the world!

This actually became the moment of truth for the Sanhedrin :- they should have bowed at His feet, but they instead chose the path of destruction – they had Him executed at the hands of the Romans.

Likewise it is a pivotal question for us ; “What think you of Christ? Whose son is He?”

Anything less than the “Son of God” is blaspheme! ...............And our eternity depends upon our answer. 

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