Tuesday, December 27, 2016

God at work

God has done something interesting. Among the Dead Sea scrolls, the best preserved book is the prophecy of Isaiah .The orthodox Jews would have been much more delighted if it had been the Torah (first five books by Moses), but God in His providence ha put into the special museum in Jerusalem, the writings of Isaiah.  Why ? I suggest that God’s  compass is pointing beyond Moses  to the ultimate ‘Servant of the Lord’- Jesus Christ.

 Perhaps more clearly than any other prophet, Isaiah foretold the person, character, work and death of the Lord Jesus Christ.
For example
Chapter 9 – the child born was also the Son given
Chapter 11 – He was the shoot out of the root of Jessie
Chapter 42 – He was the ‘no disappointment ‘ servant of the Lord.
Chapter 53 – He was rejected , yet became the sacrificial Lamb
Chapter 60 – He is God’s minister of great grace and judgement

The inspiration of Isaiah by the Holy Spirit is self evident, but Divine confirmation comes from the lips of the Lord Jesus. He quotes and applies chapter 53 as fulfilled in Himself.

It is easy to become depressed by the record of the failure of Israel and the nations, but it is this dark background that sets forth the glories the true Messiah, our Lord Jesus Christ. Not only the brilliance of His glory, but also the character of His service.
One lesson to be learned, is the need finally and pre-eminently to focus on the Lord Jesus Christ. The Jews returning from Babylon needed walls for the city, a temple for the sacrifices, a king to lead but all this without focus on the true Messiah was in vain.

So today we need above all other ‘first love’ for Jesus Christ our Lord. (Revelation 2)

Keep reading - precious gems lie hidden beneath the surface.

John McKee

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