Thursday, April 21, 2016

How can we understand?

     The story of Jesus, born a king in Bethlehem, crucified as a criminal outside Jerusalem, has little interest for the natural or religious mind. The Greeks with their emphasis on education, philosophy and science could make no logic of it. Likewise the Jews with their ardent pursuit of religion were unwilling to follow one who had been crucified.
How then did and still does the story of Jesus become so meaningful to people? The answer is quite simple – by the enlightenment of the Holy Spirit. The disciples of the Lord Jesus struggled with understanding God’s plan of salvation by the death of their Messiah, until they were filled with the Holy Spirit.

     It happened just as the Lord Jesus said it would. At the festival of Pentecost, the waiting disciples were filled with the Holy Spirit and then the past,  the present and the future made sense. From that day they went out to the world telling the reality of who Jesus of Nazareth really was, the meaning of the cross and the resurrection.

      And so it continues today. Those who choose to hear God speak by the Holy Spirit, will be led by the Spirit to repent of sin and to believe in Jesus as the Son of God risen from the dead.
More than just giving information, the Holy Spirit comes into a believer as a companion to lead, to guide, to give wisdom, and to comfort. How very blessed are the people who can by this divine presence, live holy lives to the praise  of the living God. By the Holy Spirit comes the joy of being Children of God (Romans 8), the overflowing love of God in the heart, (Romans 5.5), the enablement to pray (Romans 8.27), as well as giving hope for the future. (Romans 15.13)

God has been working in His own wonderful way for 2000years. Human ingenuity and fanatical religion has tried to suppress the operations of God by His Spirit, but again and again history records God at work giving new life, giving liberty to people all around the world.

There is one key that unlocks the door – believing in the Lord Jesus Christ. Sadly, many would rather believe in themselves, in politics, in education, in religion etc.

I entreat all my readers to open your heart and mind to receive the Lord Jesus Christ. (John 1.12). In so doing, let the Holy Spirit begin His good work in you.

John McKee

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