Saturday, March 19, 2016

The King

The king arrived at the city gate. How disappointed he was to discover that almost no one recognised him. He had built the city and with great detail and precision and had set up it’s walls, it’s towers along with the beautiful gardens. The streets had been laid out in order and the market place established for the convenience of all. But now all was in disarray. Worst of all was the state of the people. They were preoccupied with selfish gains, distracted in worship by other attractions, seeking to attain their own independence by their own ingenuity.
The intriguing thing is how the king now comes to them. Not presenting himself as a  king, but as a servant to all. He connects with the gardener as a gardener. He connects with the shepherds as a shepherd for he is more interested in restoring the people than he is in restoring the structures and the environment. Love does compel him to expose the pride and disobedience of the people, but his compassion brings healing and recovery. But how does he bring God’s favour upon this rebellious people? How can true enduring peace be restored?

He died for them!

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