Friday, December 11, 2015

Time to pray

Let us pray

Our Father which art in heaven – O God almighty, creator and ruler of the universe, we bow low to worship at your throne. Yet how blessed we are that you have sent your unique Son, so that we can now address you as ‘Father’.

With great delight we draw near to honour you, ......for who you are, what you have done, how you reveal yourself, how you connect with us. We raise our voices and say “hallowed be Thy name”.

We are conscious of your perfection in a perfect place – heaven above all heavens, where none contradict your will. What a place of honour, peace, fruitfulness, splendour and glory. A place where the word ‘holy’ equates with joy and praise.   Lord,...... is it possible, that something of that blessedness (your kingdom), be known on earth as it is in heaven? Our world is so broken, so confused, so rebellious, so mutilated, so lost – is it possible to know, to see your will being done on earth as it is in heaven?

Until that  ‘day dawn and the shadows flee away’, may your kingdom be seen in us, unworthy ones you have called by your Gospel, called into your family and blessed with the Holy Spirit in us.

O Father, righteous Father, consider our needs – they are many. Consider our dependence – remember we are but dust, so often propped up by bones of pride.

Grant us today, food to meet our need and please savour it with contentment. We trust you for clothing and shelter, for we are not as the animals that are able to endure the raw environment.

But above the physical Lord, we need moral enablement. By nature we are bent the wrong way – inclined to selfishness, quick to revenge. Oh Lord forgive us and enable us to forgive others. You are a forgiving God, reversing the damage done  by the tempter in  Adam. May the grace of your character be vibrant in us we pray.

O Holy Father, in your sovereign grace, do not lead us into temptation. Our weakness is apparent. Our wandering hearts are enough without external pressure to sin. But Lord in all the world of deceit, distraction and despair, please enable us to be overcomers – not overcome by evil but overcoming evil with good.

The presence of evil and the evil one would intimidate us, but as we take refuge in you, we pray “ deliver us from evil” – you are able and we trust in you.

We look up O Lord with joyful hope, for thine is the kingdom, the power and the glory, now and forever.


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