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Science and the Bible

Science and the Bible

       For in-depth answers, read the many books written on this subject. For the many that like short, pithy responses, I will try to contribute a little.

       I love science, for true science is forever discovering the marvels of the world we live in. For example I have just read how the human eye works. It is a mind boggling set of chemical reactions, operating to precise mathematical and mechanical order. So complex, yet it works so well. As one scientist put it – ‘how could it work without all the intricacies in place’
       One of the greatest discoveries of science is the finding and decoding of DNA. The single human cell has about 3 billion bits of information to make the human body function. Try reading ‘The language of God’ – a book about the decoding of the human gene.
        John McDonald of Georgia University has written “ The result of the last twenty years of research on the genetic basis of adaption has led us to a great Darwinian paradox. Those genes that are obviously variable within natural populations do not seem to be the basis of major adaptive changes, while those genes that seemingly constitute the foundation of many, if not most adaptive changes are not variable within natural populations”
       You may need to read that thrice to get the significance. It all tallies with the Bible order of God creating distinctive species and allowing change within the species, (eg different sizes of horses), yet an inbuilt mechanism to prevent changes across the species.

       The wonder of science is ‘trying to imagine how all this minute complexity and celestial grandeur came into existence’.  Is it the result of a ‘mindless accident’?  Reasonable thought says that design has a designer. We call that being God -  and oh how wise he must be!  We do well to marvel at the flower- it’s colour, design, fragrance, reproductive mechanics etc, but let us not fail to look up and worship the creator of such beauty, symmetry, scent etc.
        I fear that many have missed the genius of the God of all wisdom by emphasizing ‘ God just said it, and it happened’.  Hebrews 1.2 has a beautiful phrase “by whom He created the world” or translated differently “By whom he designed the ages”. He was the architect, the engineer, the draftsman, the builder, the inspector  of it all – grand and small!  Upon inspection it was originally “very good”.

It would be profitable to pursue the ongoing discoveries of science to show the marvels of God’s handiwork (not ‘mother nature’ please) , but the Bible compass points us to a purpose. As mentioned in the last article (Logos), the universe has been give order, functionality and purpose. A  bird expresses the glory of the creator by being a bird – its colours, its flight ability, its song, etc. Humankind has been endowed with something more than animalistic genius. The human brain is perhaps the last frontier of scientific discovery, and I was interested to notice ( on the internet!) a suggestion by scientists that when the body dies, the self consciousness goes to another universe!! I am watching closely such developments, because the Bible has been saying that for years ( i.e. heaven).

    So what is the purpose of mankind?  My first answer may seem unusual  -  ‘ to connect the natural with the spiritual’.
          Angels (good or bad) are spiritual. Animals are natural. ( not spiritual). According to the Bible introduction, God as a spirit communicated with man, who was natural. This is the higher purpose for humans – to connect with the maker, designer, sustainer of it all. It seems that all tribes of the earth have tried in one way or another to connect with  a being greater than themselves. It is interesting to watch the present humanity going in different ways – some go lower than animals and live for lust. Others apply rigorous disciplines to connect with the spirits portrayed as idols. Western society is obsessed with the idol of ‘self’  self-love, self-pleasing, selfish, self-gratification. The question of God is still so relevant  -----  “Where are you?”

         When Jesus Christ appeared, the question that confronted the people was this  -- was this man really connected with the unseen God????   Was he really what man was meant to be  - the connection between the spirit world and the natural?   The Bible answer is YES. But more, His purpose was to restore the connection, the very purpose for which we were made, for us to connect with God.

       Could I lift the horizon of your thinking above the dazzle of created things, to honour God for who he is, what he has made, for himself revealed in Jesus Christ the Lord...--   to love HIM  ,  to trust HIM  ,  to serve HIM   forever

How blessed to know HIM   !!!!!!!!!         comments welcome  

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