Sunday, July 21, 2013

Fear not

A simple but rewarding concordance word study:

'Fear not'

Luke 1.13      'Fear not' - Zacharias -after so long, prayer is answered and the son is promised.
          1.30     'Fear not'  -  Mary chosen from among so many,  finds favour with God

            2.10     'Fear not' - Light in the night for the shepherds proclaims the best news of the ages.
              5.10      'Fear not'  - For Simon, the change of calling from fishing in water to fishing for men.

               8.50       'Fear not'  - Jairus, encouragement of faith in the presence of desolating death.

                 12.7       'Fear not'   - Disciples valued by God when not valued by men

                   12.32    'Fear not'  - believers as sheep-  values that lie in the eternal future, in the Fathers hand.

There are so many more  -  let your heart be settled and encouraged by the  "Fear not from the Lord himself

John McKee

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