Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The Law of Christ

          "Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly..... " Colossians  3.16

I once thought to go through the Gospel records to draw out all the commandments of the Lord Jesus.  It didn't work!  He is not calling us to a set of rules  so as to invoke the favour of God - no. He invokes the blessing upon us  unworthy ones (grace) by virtue of the atonement of His death on the cross (mercy).

       His method for sanctification becomes clearer as we watch Him during the years of service among the people.
* He called people to believe in Him (the Son of God - John 6)
*He called believers to follow Him ( the Shepherd - John 10
* He called the disciples to listen to Him ( the Word - John 1,5,12)
*He called His own to imitate Him (the servant - John 13)
* He called His friends to obey Him (the Master - John 14)
* He promised His loved ones that He would indwell them (The Holy Spirit - John 16)
* He anticipated the day in heaven when perfected, they would behold His glory (John 17)
       Many other scriptures could be referred to, showing His personal interaction with His disciples as the means of setting them apart for God.

        For us the 'law of Christ' is very much in His words, His teachings, His  instructions, His parables and His actions, reactions, His example etc
For example  -  Instead of saying ' be poor in spirit' as a command, He says "blessed are the poor in spirit". We cannot escape the imperative direction,but what grace this is, to inspire us to live in the good of this royal law of liberty. We are drawn higher "as your father in Heaven is ......"- and so our character is to be moulded by that upward gaze.
           It reminds me of the new covenant - 'I will put my laws on their hearts, and write them on their minds" Hebrews 10.16. The work of the Holy Spirit is to lead us into all truth. This I suggest is the law of Christ - the truth about HIM, the truth from HIM, the truth in HIM.

         In  John's gospel great emphasis is made of His words. So much so that when concluding the public teaching of the people, He Himself indicates that the basis for final judgement, would be referenced to His 'words' (not so much the law of Moses). This 'law of Christ' will then be opened on that judgement day!

I trust you are  able to gather the thrust of my writing - much more could be written, but I am a slow typist. My heart's desire is to inspire you to read and search the Bible, and thus find the great joy of God revealing Himself in Christ Jesus our Lord.

J. Mckee                 let the words of Christ dwell....................................every day

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