Wednesday, April 10, 2013


       As noted  in the last blog, the law is holy, righteous and good. It is a reflection of the brilliant character of God.
       Shall we not then embrace it as the handbook for living? Well  - somewhat difficult for distant  gentiles e.g. the command for all men to appear in Jerusalem three times a year. How shall we insist on clothing that is not of mixed materials. How shall we keep the Sabbath in a land that knows no day of rest? etc  As a free nation in the land of Israel, there was a possibility, but now the millions of the Lord's poor, scattered across the globe, are often without the options.
    This reality check was the cause for the Acts 15 conference of the Apostles. They concluded that salvation was by grace through faith (15.11) and that law keeping may be possible for Jews, but not to be imposed upon Gentiles.  And so a letter was sent out with some basic prohibitions, but beyond that, grace was the converting principle, not law.

One may try to observe the law, for health and happiness sake, but remember, to break one commandment, is to be a lawbreaker.

Let Paul the Apostle show you a better way:
Romans 13.8 " Love one is the fulfilling of the law"
     Love is a God given motive to achieve the objective of the law under the compelling power of grace.
The glory and goodness of the law is not diminished, but the means to the fulfilment is not by human effort or discipline, but rather by understanding and accepting the mercy and grace of God. Romans 13:1 is a beautiful summary of this - "put on the Lord Jesus Christ." He not only kept the law and made it honourable, but lifted the standard of God's glory higher e.g. not only the action of sin breaks the law but the very thought defiles the person. Instead of saying "  You shall not steal"  , He said     "give and it shall be given to you"


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