Sunday, December 23, 2012


God's desire is that all people be on good terms with Himself.  Someone may ask - is there a problem ? - Yes there is a problem.

We listen to the voice of doubt about God. We turn away to please ourselves. We ignore, yes more, we reject the rules of God and knowingly or unknowingly are against  God. Lost in confusion of mind,  guilt of conscience and loss of connection with the on who designed and made us.
     So the call goes out - "Be reconciled to God"

Is there a way back? by religious design - no,  By education- no   By best effort -  no

Sin has shut the door and only God in  love has opened the door through Jesus Christ.  He paid the debt of sin and now invites all to be reconciled to God.
        While the door is open, come to Him

Read  2 Corinthians 5

J. McKee

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