Saturday, June 9, 2012

Making sense of the Bible

        In the quest to make sense  of the Bible, it is so important to see God acting.  Many people are preoccupied with ' what does it say for me'  and miss the real story-line.

      When our mind is open to this perspective, we read so often of God  - - creating, speaking, redeeming, reconciling, saving, judging, sanctifying  etc.  It may be to a wandering person, a wandering nation, or a wayward church, God is seen as proactive. He is the initiator and the sovereign operator as Jesus said to Pilate " You could have no power at all against me, unless it be given you from above" John 19

           This highlights His holiness and righteous judgments, and also His love and grace.
It is true we must respond to the entreaty of God, but let us not read the Bible with the blinkers of self improvement. We are challenged often to change, but this is only possible by God's grace.

John McKee

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